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Feb 5, 2015 No Comments ›› Gil Mangels

Rare vintage horse drawn, end dump, beet wagon, is the most recent large restoration project to roll out of the shop. The broken or rotted wood was replaced by recycled wood, or that cut on our own sawmill. This was undoubtedly used in the Missoula, Mt. area to haul sugar beets into the refinery. The large box was made extremely high and large wheel to gain even greater height so the beets would all roll out when the front of the box was winched into the dump position by a large crank and chain. The beets would have been picked off the ground w/ a long fork and pitched into the box. There were basically 2 ways that the beets were dug or lifted and topped. One has been on display in the east yard. The other very rare machine for which we have the patent drawings was made in Polson in 1932 and is slated to be semi-restored soon. Volunteers?

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