Driving in the rain

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Feb 8, 2015 No Comments ›› Gil Mangels

“Just a drivin’ in the Rain”, and guarding the tank and crew of the 163rd Mt. N.G. while waiting for the annual Whitefish, Mt. annual winter carnival parade to start. Whitefish is home to Big Mountain, world famous skiing. The theme this year is honoring our veterans. In case you can’t see my trailer signage, it says, “Because they served, we are free”.

A good and large positive response by the spectators. It is heartening to see younger generations be appreciative.

The museum jeep is a 1963 Ford built M151A1 w/ a deactivated M60 7.62 cal machine gun. This was a primary non-armored vehicle in Vietnam. The markings are identical to a photograph of a Vietnam vet. friend.–I was assigned to an identical jeep in Frankfurt, Germany in 1963.

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