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Feb 28, 2015 No Comments ›› Gil Mangels

I worked on my 1931 KJ Henderson Streamliner 4 cylinder 80″ motorcyle this week. This was the fastest stock bike on the road back in it’s day. Very smooth, powerful and tough, it was the favorite bike of police forces around the nation, and could quickly attain speeds up to 110 miles an hour. If you want to learn more and see one being ridden, google the name of the bike and look at Jay Leno’s.

Witness marks on the fender of mine tells me that this was probably in police use when it was new, before it fell into civilian hands and was repainted. I decided to make it a police bike again and dug out some police accessories that I had ratholed. A friend has a correct rear luggage rack for me and it will have an original carbon tet fire extinguisher and a first aid box attached. Of course it should probably have white fenders and tanks, although different towns did things to suit the whims of the chief. I’m not sure what to do w/ the sidecar yet as far as paint. Many police forces used a sidecar. There is a good possibility that this bike may become a movie star, as a local producer needs an authentic police bike for a locally shot depression era movie.

While I’ll try and feature some of the collection occasionally, you can see more of our bikes on 2 different pages on our website at 10849021_789963167724060_8877488038153540840_omiracleofamericamuseum.org