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Nov 30, 2014 No Comments ›› Gil Mangels

Antique MusicMontana “Fiddler Hall of Fame” is just one of  the over 40 buildings in the Miracle of America Museum courtyard.  Streams of music to get your toes tappin’ often waft from the slab log sided structure.

Inside the main museum for just 2 bits (a quarter) you can play the  “Violano” (1/2 violin, 1/2 Piano), play the coin-op “Orchestrion” which adds cymbals, blocks, drums, etc.,see an 1800’s concert harp and other collectable instruments, and view several Edison, Victor, and Columbia music machines.

The beautiful artwork of the sheet music from the last 2 centuries, numbers in the hundreds. The growing collection of Montana related sheet music is over 80 and has such inspiring titles as “Montana’s Callin’ You” and “Montana is Heaven to Me”.

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