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December 2010
Tom Needham -
rare, high, two-wheel horse cart that had been his
father's, made circa late 1800's in Helena by the T.C. Powers Co.
Donations, Blessings abundant this Thanksgiving
Would you believe a white Thanksgiving? And cold too. Joanne
and I appreciate the many prayers on her behalf. I thought maybe I
could catch up on some of our earlier donors this issue:
Ron Cofer
- beautifully restored pedal car and custom teardrop
camp trailer;
Visitors Roger and Barbara
Clayton signed in from Phoenix, AZ
and we learned they live next door to
Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio's
press secretary. At my request for an
autographed picture, Roger said he'd
see what he could do. Soon a large
package arrived with two hardbound
books about Joe, numerous posters, a
pair of pink boxer shorts, pink hand-
cuffs, and a deputy patch which I
promptly sewed on my Incredibles
jacket from Brad Bird. Joe's motto is
"If you don't want to do the time-don't
do the crime, and a prisoner shouldn't
live better in jail than the honest citizen
on the outside." That attitude would
probably cut our nation's crime rate
by at least half.
AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio
sends publicity, gifts
A huge salute of thanks to our
Family Memberships:
David Sergent
Bruce Waldron
Mark and Sandra of Bryant Photographics
817 South Higgins in Missoula recently spent a
day professionally photographing some our
motorcycles. Some of the photos will find their
way onto some new postcards and be added to a
reprinting of our brochure which we need to do
Kevin Engebretson
-A 1940's Boy Scout shirt
with a Polson troop 47 patch and another camp
patch dated 1945;
Jack and Gail Downes -
Kodak camera, 4 antique
postage stamp albums, etc;
Sheila Garrison -
War era flight suit, worn by her father when he flew
Howard Hudson-
juvenile books, Harley
memorabilia, etc;
Brad Howser
a Vietnam vet was shot and wounded
while on maneuvers in 'Nam, but was still able to
successfully return fire. The documents on the body of
the enemy were salvaged and examined for pertinent
military information and later brought home as 'spoils
of war' souvenirs. The enemy combatant was a medical
paymaster and in his possession besides pay vouchers
were songbooks and personal letters. He had beautiful
handwriting. It is unknown if the colorful artwork was
his or may have been from a girl/wife;
Polson, Montana
Newsletter layout courtesy of
Carmine Mowbray of
3rd Saturday activity at the MOAM-
"Fun in the SNOW'
1 to 4 pm: View rare winter tools and toys of winter.
Exhibition of vintage snow machines, some of which
were pre-owned by Glacier National Park. Rides may
be possible.
Garry Wegner -
donated a cute little
model FH Briggs &
Stratton rope-start gas
engine that was
originally used to
power a washing
machine. With the
open valve rocker arm,
they were fun to watch
running. It was many a
boys' dream to score
one of these to power a homemade go cart or
mount on a bicycle. Many a budding mechanic or
race car driver cut his teeth or sometimes cracked
his front teeth with one of these;
James Woidtke -
26 Willard WWII flashlight and
radio batteries.
Bob and Sue King-
brother from Lakeside and
sister from Florida had previously donated a glass
showcase and a little green alien that has
accompanied our U F O in many parades. They
recently gave us a gag electric toilet tissue for our
display-only outhouse;
Walton Tools -
broken tap extractors and special
tap wrenches. If you need special tools for the
mechanical, automotive, or plumbing industries,
look them up at www.waltontools.com
Featured donor this issue is Kay T.
McAndie, Shoreline, WA. who was
caregiver and guardian 18 years for Keith
W. Whitesell who was born in Polson in
1923. Keith recently passed away and
left no family. Kay came to Polson and
thought the MOAM would be an
appropriate place to display Whitesell
effects including his WWII service and
memorabilia related to Polson. His father
was one of the deputies who found and
killed the desperado and wife-killer,
Chester Powell in 1921. Included in the
grouping were several photos of
Chester's hideout and rifle, early photos
of Polson, Keith's military grouping, and
an interesting 1924 Infant Health
Conference score card from MT State
Board of Health. Keith passed with a
score of 100.
Featured Donor this Month
go to the Solle family. Good friend Phil Solle
of Missoula recently passed away. Years ago,
he donated the 1917 Harley Davidson
motorcycle engine around which I built a
period flat track racer.
(Pictured on page 1.)
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Thank you very much for your
- the beautifully
illustrated story
of the lower Flathead
by noted Polson author
Paul Fugleberg
final few copies available!
Don't miss your chance to get one of these
last remaining copies - A meaningful and
perfect Christmas gift. $35 each.
Looking Forward
to Live History Days
Our popular annual Live History Days
take place July 16-17, 2011.
Mark it on your calendar!
Our hope
Our hope this special season
of year is that Christmas Bells
will drown out the sound of the
chaos and hate that has
overshadowed our once great nation. Henry
Wadsworth Longfellow through the inspiration of the
Holy Spirit gave us this promise, "...God is not dead,
nor doth he sleep; the wrong shall fail, the right
Sometimes we may wonder, but the Babe in the
manger, even the Christ child gives us hope.
- Merry Christmas, Gil and Joanne