June 2008

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Quarterly Newsletter

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Executive Board of Directors
Gil Mangels President
Cathleen Wilde
Mel Adams
Vice Presidents
Joanne Mangels Secretary
Gracia Normandeau Jones
Kendall Dupuis
Mike Maddy
Stan Cohen
Donna Maddux
Advisory Board of Directors
Phyllis Fulkerson
Jim Pomajevich
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Community Service

The Miracle of America Museum was proud to loan two dozen banking-related items for Polson Community Bank’s Open House on May 2. We provided two military vehicles for Polson’s Memorial Day Parade and have been active in several school lecture tours.

Quarterly Report

As of June 27, we have already had visitors from 46 states, eight countries and four Canadian provinces. From our comment book:

“We just spent 4 wonderful hours here with 2, 5 and 6-year olds who never got bored!"

— The Bradleys

“Uno necesta mas tiempo para recover este interesante lugar, gracias por su preocupation y eporte a la cultura.”
“One needs some time to go through this interesting place, thank you for your care and contribution to culture.”

— Saludos, Jorge Veldekrito, Santiago, Chile

Our unusually cold wet spring and late snowstorm on June 10 dumping three inches of snow, delayed the tractor and ag building project, but the roof should be on by the time you receive this. Speaking of receiving our newsletters, we’ve had folks say they really look forward to them. However, with increased postage rates, we will be economizing somewhat. If your address changes and we are not aware, it costs us 42¢ - 91¢ for returned mail, so if this occurs we may delete it. Please call us with any change to your address.

We’ve made the Big Screen! Thanks to WalMart / Dave Tolley and Dreamland / Mike Maddy, we now have a 50" Visio® with Sony Surround Sound® in our meeting room. It’s used for PowerPoint presentations and VHS and DVD showings. Several groups have used our public meeting room and all have made donations.

Some of our budget has had to go for carpentry work and roofing materials for the teacherage and the rear portion of the medical building.

Miracle of America MuseumJune 2008
Quarterly Newsletter
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Miscellaneous Donations

Phyllis Fulkerson recently donated two child’s toy irons, circa 1940s. One is an electric “Sunny Suzy” that actually works. Typical of the era, toys like this introduced children to skills. Boys handled things that suggested jobs like engineers, craftsmen or carpenters. Girls’ playthings were usually domestic, introducing them to the fine arts of homemaking, sewing, cooking and so forth. My, how things have changed! There was the Barbie Doll era, and now electronic games of all kinds. See our collection of items from each of these cultural eras.

Gil has been working overtime to convert one of the old “Rolfson Motel” units into a large “Santa’s Workshop” walk-in toybox and year-around Christmas display of many toys from storage, and some de-cluttering in the main museum. To complete this project, we need someone to sew an elf costume for one of our mannequins. If you would like a sewing project that will be enjoyed by our visitors, let us know.

• Nellie Hickman — Two quilt tops, stitched by her grandmother;

• Howard Hudson — Corn sheller, 1956 Scout book, cream separator, oil can;

• David Erickson — Model S-4 McCormick Deering cream separator;

• Roy Winslow — 1948 Wright chainsaw, blacksmith tools;

• Thomas P. Poole — 1943 Eastman Kodak camera, book;

• Doug Freeman — GI Joe Jeep and searchlight trailer;

• Lester Johnson — Tractor and truck manuals.

With David Bosley’s and Paul Bonelli’s help, we upgraded our museum signs north of Arlee and Ronan. We could still use a few more sign sites for a 4'x8' or 4'x16' sign.

Anton and Priscilla Hendriks from British Columbia spent a few days here with their camper. She helped at the desk and Anton did several woodworking projects that had been needing attention for many years.

“The Eyes Have It”

Dr. Gordon Fisher had previously donated four large framed prints of early day optometry. Upon learning that we were adding an optometric shop to our Pioneer Village, Dr. Fisher willingly supplied us with his original wooden handpainted sign. He started practice in 1947 in a portion of the old Security State Bank building. Later he shared a building with Slim Coppedge Insurance. Our little building was originally a storage building in a trailer court and the Bones family donated it. Tammy Baer and her son Cody painted the interior. The eye cup collection previously donated by Jean Swanson is displayed as well.

Misfortune Strikes; Many Friends Lend Helping Hands

This newsletter is being written “under duress” by the Mangels, since Joanne’s recent illness and unfortunate accident. Joanne is now at home (in the museum office / small apartment) recuperating.

Both Gil and Joanne are extremely grateful for all the prayers, flowers, cards, calls, visits, meals and help given to them at the museum. So many folks have expressed their care that it has resulted in a new roster of desk volunteers as well as the regular stand-bys.

We will take the risk of not forgetting someone by attempting to list them: Tami Baer, Jane Bronson, Dawn Brown, Miranda Byrd, Tara Carvey, Sharon Christianson, Kristi Dalke, Phyllis Fulkerson, Brenda Jones, Teresa Mangels, Helen Maughan, Jane Mole, Donna and Gordon Terry, Erma Wall and Jeanne Windham. Museum friend Carmine Mowbray is helping us compile and edit this issue of the newsletter. Roberta Davis is an RSVP volunteer.

Miracle of America MuseumJune 2008
Quarterly Newsletter
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A Huge Salute of Thanks to Our Sustaining Members
  • George and Benda Brimhall
  • Gary Cooper
  • Mike Maddy
  • Jim Manley
  • Dorothy Tode
Family Members
  • Joe and Sarah Blalock
  • Ralph and Janice Campbell
  • Craig Dobbler
  • Kathleen Gray
  • Charles Hout
  • Melvin and Betty Humphrey
  • Lester and Kay Johnson
  • Bill and Joan McDermott
  • Andrew and Diane Speer
  • Gordon and Donna Terry
  • Maureen Thieler
Thanks to these folks and all our sustaining and family members, we are able to preserve and present history for all to appreciate. We cannot accomplish this without your help.

We Are Committed to Giving History a Future. Can You, Will You, Help?

Here are a few ways you may be able to help us sustain our goals:
• Volunteer time or skills;
• Donate items for display.

Gifting Methods:
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• Cash • Trusts • Charitable Gift Annuities • Securities
• Memorials • Life Insurance Gifts.
Your tax or estate planner may be able to show you ways to take tax advantages.

Miracle of America Museum is a non-profit charitable organization recognized by the IRS.
Gifts are tax-deductible.

Miracle of America MuseumJune 2008
Quarterly Newsletter
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Miracle of America Museum
18th Annual Live History Days

Sat. & Sun. July 19 & 20, 2008

Exhibits 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. • Museum open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

36094 Memory Lane, Polson MT • (406) 883-6804

  • Live demonstrations
  • Barbershop haircuts for four bits!
  • Rides: vintage cars, army vehicles, tractors, miniature railroad,
    and a railroad speeder
  • Music: Old Time Fiddlers, accordions
  • Photos
  • Blacksmith
  • Food concessions by Leon 4-H Club
  • Guest exhibits welcome!