Well I've been saying that
we were due for a real
Montana winter, and old
man winter certainly
responded with a vengeance.
Several of the toys and tools
from the Think Snow
building were demonstrated
at various times during this
winter. It can be a real
challenge dealing with the
poor quality of ethanol gas
and age fatigued parts to
keep rigs running.
- P
501(C) (3)
Febuary 2011
36094 Memory Lane Polson, MT 59860 406-8836804
Executive Board of Directors
Gil Mangels, President
Cathleen Wilde, VP
Mel Adams, VP
Joanne Mangels, secretary
Gracia Normandeau Jones
Kendall Dupuis
Mike Maddy
Stan Cohen
Nancy Pray
Ned Wilde
Advisory Board of Directors
Paul Bonelli
Jim Pomajevich
Looking Forward To Looking Back. Live History Days in 2011 will be 16
& 17 of July.
As we've referred to previous personal health
issues, let me quickly bring you up to speed as
many have not only asked about us, but had us in
your prayers which we very much appreciate.
Joanne has had C.O.P.D, a breathing disorder for
several years. However a mystery problem for
some time has finally been given a name by
thorough testing. Now that we know she also has
Lupus, the correct meds have been administrated
and improvement already seems to be taking
The museum had a very good 2010 as far as
visitation and monetary donations. With 50
states, 32 different countries and six Canadian
promises. However, the last half of December
and January 2011 has started out very slow.
The visitors we've had stop, even first time
locals have promised to come back when the
weather warms up to bring family and friends.
Dave and his mother Brenda took the Humvee
in the Polson and Ronan Christmas Parade
fitted out with lights, and the appropriate
Christian Christmas message and music.
As for me I keep plugging away. A
recent bout with blood clots to the lungs made it
necessary to start taking blood thinners. While it
is hard to get the Coumadin adjusted just right
and related complications caused a broken
blood vessel in my shoulder, it is now
improving (hopefully).
Our very important base of museum
friends gives us hope.
Family Membership
Dennis / Janice Conrad
Janet Rogers
James Beyer
Kenneth Soward
W.Earl Florence Moore
John / Mary Erkkila
Bill / Joan Mc Dermott
Sherry Rossiter
Richard Beauchamp/ Kathy Johnson
Memorial for Fred Poloson by Lyle & Grace Larson
Howard Hudson
- medical related antiques,
Brownie Girl Scout items, and a circa 1950 slot
machine savings bank.
Sherry Rossiter-
Camp fire girl items
George Bucholtz-
toy piggy bank and antique
ammo boxes
Glacier Memorial Garders-
2 Bell vault
forms for caskets
Lonnie Haack/Sodbuster Sales-
horse drawn
hay mower
Mike Mc Cloud-
miscellaneous Chevy and
Ford car parts from Teens and 1920's
Dennis Hart-
donated a tractor pull road
grader circa 1930's.
George Mahoney
Robert Skans
Wanda Kemp
Helen McClellan
Darold Schaffer
Jane Lewis Rectenwald
Miscellaneous Donations
Winter projects have mostly been in the main
museum building. Improvements in the Native
American exhibit, Free Enterprise/ Mouse Trap
section, Scouting area, and the Edison/ Free Speech
Heavy snow melt and rain find the low spots in
the yard and make it muddy. We've used what is
called 3/4 Crush, to fill and level, but it has a lot of
sand in it.
Jim Phillips
, located on Caffrey Road
suggested I use fractured rock and donated and
delivered a big dump truck load. It is much
cleaner and looks nice. If you're doing a drive
way or walk way give Jim a call. He's had many
years of experience with road building and the
gravel industry.
The Scheduled 3
Saturday program had to be
moved this month to the 4th Saturday in February. It
will include tunes on the Edison "Talking Machine"
cylinder phonograph that David Jacobson, one of
our receptionist and Gil has been busy repairing and
Two of the buffalo skulls have been
embellished using Native American flint/
arrow heads, spear heads, knives, and scrapers.
This was made possible by Dawn Merritt,
another receptionist who has quite the artistic
A few painting and restoration projects have
taken place in Gil's shop with the help of David
Bosley, Paul Bonelli, John Dark, and Harry Fritz.
We also have a new temporary volunteer,
Monique who enjoys helping with the displays
and is good on the computer. If we could some
how get a grant to hire her full-time she would be
a real asset to the museum.
Since shop work has been slow this winter, I
was able to make a couple more Whimsical
Sculptures. I mostly used scrap iron, discarded
tools, and a few auto parts. They are currently
on display at the open (none juried) art show at
the Sandpiper Gallery on Main st in Polson.
The sculptures will continue to be displayed
there until the middle of March.
Pray For
Peace, but
keep your
Powder dry...
"Birdies Went A Froggin'"
"Bird of Paradise"
Miracle of America Museum
36094 Memory Lane
Polson, MT 59860
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Polson, MT
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