Executive Board of Directors
Gil Mangels, President
Cathleen Wilde, VP; Mel Adams, VP
Nancy Pray, Secretary
Joanne Mangels, Treasurer
Gracia Normandeau Jones
Kendall Dupuis Mike Maddy
Stan Cohen Ned Wilde
Advisory Board of Directors
Jim Pomajevich
A Non-Profit 501(c) (3) Corporation 81-0437386
36094 Memory Lane Polson, MT 59860 406-883-6804
October 2011
Visitors from all 50 States
and 44 countries
enjoy MOAM
Summer finally came and brought more visitors to
the Museum. To date we've had all 50 states, 44
international countries and seven Canadian Provinces,
with a very respectable head count. The only complaint
we had was that we should paint some of our buildings.
However, the complainer didn't want to donate the
paint or offer to help prepare and/or paint.
We received a small grant from
Community Foundation
to assist with painting the
Paul Bunyan cabin next spring. Volunteers have been
harder to come by this year. We have some youth doing
community service, but they are usually only short
term and not very dependable. Some folks really want
to help, but distance, transportation, health and
employment issues have taken a toll.
Beulah Stipe
  donated her Centennial collection
of 70 Barbie dolls portraying fashions from Montana
Statehood 1889 through the Centennial. It won "Best
of the Show" at the 1989 Sanders Co. Fair. The
1889 purple velvet dress sports a bustle, a style that
has thankfully never returned.
The 1890 "Knickerbocker" bicycle
outfit was
thought to indecently show a lot of leg. What would
they have thought of the bicycle riding outfit of
1911 features a straight skirt slit up the side
daringly to mid calf, showing pantaloons! Other dress
styles include those worn by Beulah's grandmother
for her wedding in 1894, her mother in the 1920s and
her daughter's in the late 60s and 70s; plus those
featured in family photos and catalogs.
Brenda and Dave Bosley
 - framed 1950s Scouting
picture of Nathan Hale;
John Dark and Dave Marshall
- Scrap iron;
Marvin Douma - 7
Schnitzmeyer Panoramic
David Ferguson -
1900 inlaid Mother of Pearl
decorated Arabian Camel musket and a Model 94
Winchester Carbine 25-35 w/ box of shells and
Don Greytak -
Sketch of train engine at the Havre
Train Station;
Lonnie Haack
- 1950s Security State savings bank;
Charley Horstman -
29 hardback books 1928-50s;
Polson, Montana
Newsletter layout courtesy of
Carmine Mowbray of
Howard Hudson
- Antique tacklebox, fishing
supplies, 1943 foot locker w/ vintage menswear,
several pair children's shoes incl. Wee Walkers in
orig. box, and numerous misc. household items;
Gabriel Jensen
- 68 old VHS tapes;
Lester Johnson -
Opera glasses and a carpenters
chest full of tools;
Irene Mc Allister -
1821 Hat "Conformateur" - a
device for fitting hats to each person's unique head
(heads are not uniformly round).
Everyone should
see something like this once in their life!
Hal Roys-
Patent Leather oxfords for BSA
Ted Riebe -
Nuclear (NBC) test kits 1970-1987 (old
and new style);
Ken Smith -
1950s Betty Crocker iron;
Gale Warren
and Cindy Beebe
(daughter)- Home
Built tractor;
Debbie Wilson -
Blue Angels posters, hand riveter
for leather repair;
Virginia Nelson
- Mementoes of Polson schools,
Lake Co Fair, local businesses and Scouting;
Martin Schaer
- 1963 Ford Unicab pickup; other
Carl Skabronski -
a former classmate of Gil -
delivered items from both his daughters and their
spouses when he made his annual visit;
Luke and Kelli Stirred
- Antique books, Manuals,
Cast iron mailbox, Edison cylinder records, Misc
tools and kitchen utensils;
Jill and Jerome Sweezy
- 2 WWII mess kits, WWII
food canister, 1900s scale gauge, handcuffs w/case,
label machine, Utsonds Locker hand meat tenderizer,
assorted tools and a metronome;
Lulu Stock
- Darling pink girls dress circa 1950,
Misc household, sewing and banking items;
Jean Swanson -
Collectibles incl. black
memorabilia, celluloid items, glass and porcelain
items, sheet music and stereopticon cards;
Maureen Theiler
- 2008 Campaign memorabilia and
autograph of Hillary Clinton,
Cobalt souvenir bottles,
1976 Democratic convention delegate and WWII 96
Infantry "Deadeyes";
David Wolf
- Fresno slip- an early day dirt mover;
Kay and Bob Summerlin
three 4 ft. glass showcases.
One of the cameras in
our ever-growing collection.
Watch for more detail as the
collection grows.
We salute our
Sustaining Members
Joy Skaggs
- via Pay Pal on internet!
Wes Sprunk
David Trexler
- Bynum, MT Two
Medicine Dinosaur Center
Bobby and Lisa Unser
Family Members
Wayne and Jennifer Daniels
Miska Draskoczy
Lester Johnson
Tim and Chanel Lake
Kathy Makushla Matthews
Wm. H and Joann Mc Dermott
Tom Needham
Andrea Normandeau
Carl Skabronski
Autumn visitors -
NW Woody Wagons,
Corvettes of Utah, Ford Skyliners
from OR and WA. The Fall
Cycle rally sponsored by Montana
Harley Davidson of Missoula and
Kalispell, barbeque and poker run was for Montana
Wounded Warriors. We were assisted by
Lewis and Linda Sappington.
A few of the visiting Fords. Note Constitution Week sign
In Sympathy
Condolences to Ruth and family of Lyle
Baxter. He was a genuine, goodly man
and a great friend and helper of the
museum. We will miss him greatly.
Volunteers keep us going
Volunteers presently helping include
who helps with the newsletter formatting
and photo shooting;
Steve Alexander
putting POLSON LAKESTER video on You Tube,
(see it at
David Bosley
often gives train
Jerry Walk
helped with ground
Roger and Marilyn Van Eram
helped at the desk and in the shop respectively.
Lee and Afton Moss
have helped at the desk
and inventoried a huge collection of cameras from
Guest Photo
in Kalispell. The camera ages
range throughout the 1900s. Some of the more
unusual are on display now, all will eventually be
displayed. We will tell you more about them when
all the collection arrives.
The Home Built tractor donated by Gale Warren and
daughter Cindy Beebe.
Just some of the many Harleys visiting us during their
Wounded Warrior rally.
Join us this Halloween:
State Old Time Fiddlers Jam Sunday Oct 30 from 1 to 5pm.
Costumes optional. Enjoyment is guaranteed!
Pickin' in the Park Musicians again have Country Music Jams at the Museum between
1 and 4 every Saturday. If you play or sing country, bluegrass, hymns, accordion,
fiddle, guitar, whistle or play harmonica, please plan to join them. Singing along and
dancing are encouraged.
In spite of the difficult economy and partially
because of it, our Endowment fund needs to be
enlarged. Only the interest income is used each
year and the banks are presently not paying
much. The board is again asking that you please
consider donating the museum 1% to 5% of your
estate to the Miracle of America Museum
endowment fund. If enough folks choose this sort
of gifting it would help insure continued
preservation of our collections and displays for
your posterity to enjoy. If you agree, please
consider discussing this with your estate planner
or lawyer.
Thank you very much for your support
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