Executive Board of Directors
Gil Mangels, President
Cathleen Wilde, VP
Mel Adams, VP
Joanne Mangels, Secretary
Gracia Normandeau Jones
Kendall Dupuis
Mike Maddy
Stan Cohen
Donna Maddux
Nancy Pray
Ned Wilde
Advisory Board of Directors
Paul Bonelli
Jim Pomajevich
Beautiful Autumn is here again. Our gardens were nipped by Jack Frost
yesterday. 2009 has been a very good year thus far and we would like to
thank everyone who has sent or brought visitors, displayed our bumper
stickers, brochures and posters; businesses who donated or gave discounts,
media and reporters, and persons donating artifacts, material, money, labor,
Live History Days were well attended and fun was had by all with
many promises to return next year on our traditional third weekend in July.
All 50 states were represented this summer by July 5
and currently 34
countries and six Canadian Provinces have personally logged in.
As we enter the Autumn season, MOAM stays open daily, but "Falls
back" to its off-season hours which are Monday thru Saturday 8 to 5 and
1:30 to 5 Sundays. Later hours may be arranged for special occasions like
birthday parties, reunions, or meetings in our public meeting room. The
popular Pickin' in the Park musicians will begin jamming here in the
MOAM's meeting room afternoons on Saturday Oct. 3. No charge to
participate or just sit and listen.
Thanks again to all who have helped make this year a banner year!
A Non-Profit 501(c) (3) Corporation • 81-0437386
36094 Memory Lane Polson, MT 59860 406-883-6804
September 2009
New Building
added to Village
With increased visitation this
year, we were able to purchase and
move a 30' x 50' insulated building
on site. A third of it is being set up
as our antique printing shop which
includes a linotype, printing press,
archival newspapers, typewriters,
adding machines, etc.
Displays featuring local
industries like cherries, apples,
bees/honey will fill out the new
The local sweet cherry industry
display was enhanced by the
donation of an old homemade
sorting table and scale by
and his wife,
Vi Pinkerman
. Her father was a pioneer in
this industry.
Bob and Art Gould donated these bicycle license plates.
put them on their bikes and other riding toys. This is the most complete
collection we have ever seen. These came in Wheaties cereal boxes and
someone had to eat a whole lot of Wheaties to get this large a collection!
We'd like to find an old Wheaties cereal box advertising these.
Does anyone have one?
Moving On
We will miss
George and Wanda Swim,
who are
moving to be near their daughter in Idaho. They have
donated Harley-Davidson memorabilia, a HopAlong
Cassidy notebook, a 1912 soldering iron and other old
tools, WWII memorabilia
and photo/history books,
and other neat stuff.
We will also miss:
Ron and Roberta
, barber shop and
medical building
volunteers who moved to
Oregon also to be near
Phyllis Fulkerson
also moving to be nearer
the sun in winter. She cleaned out her house, had a big
sale, and Arizona here she comes! We will miss her
"angelic" assistance, innovative ideas, energy and
friendly smile for all.
We often refer to help from Above when people ask
us how we've accomplished so much in just 25 years, so
here's proof:
Earl Serry
to be an RV Gypsy and "goes
where the Angels" lead him.
He spent two days of his
vacation restoring a rare
snowmobile and other misc.
A huge salute of thanks to our
Life Members:
Art and Nell Mangels
Family Memberships:
Paul Beckstrom - 2 years
Bill and Joan Mc Dermott
Kenneth and Terri Miller
Ruth Raihl
Newsletter layout courtesy of
Carmine Mowbray of
Improved way
to receive newsletters - in full
color and paperless!
Have email? Please let us send you paperless
First, email us your permission, (which will
provide us your email address);
Second, set your spam filter to accept "museum
newsletter". You will then receive our quarterly
newsletters in full color. If you don't have access to
computer or prefer a paper copy we will continue to
mail or hand deliver it. Mail rates continue to rise
and some newsletters are not being delivered
Email us at: info@miracleofamericamuseum.org
Community Involvement
MOAM continues to get involved in
community events. Recently we loaned the use of
our blue barrel train pulled by our very rare 1950
Pacific H6 garden tractor - built by Pacific Iron &
Machine Company of San Diego CA - to Rotary
Club Festival for Youth.
We loaned six of our antique motorcycles to
Montana Harley-Davidson's Open House in
Chamber Splash—Many guests enjoyed ice
cream treats from our authentic soda fountain and
East Shore Smokehouse brought in smoked riblets,
rolls, and salads. UMM!! Delicious!!
Several of our vehicles appeared in both the
Polson and Bigfork 4
of July parades.
Grant news
Last newsletter we told you we would be included
in the 2009 State Employees Giving Campaign,
The campaign is an opportunity for state employees
to give to the non-profit of their choice using payroll
deduction. The state verifies the non profits' legitimacy
and distributes the money collected. The State advised
us to let all our donors, supporters and volunteers and
their friends know we are a part of the SECGC.
If you
are a state employee or
acquainted with one
, please
encourage any giving to benefit the MOAM.
Bill Samsel donated two vintage auto hood
ornaments mounted on beautiful slices of
Leroy Lau donated a beautiful child s casket
which a relative had found in the attic of a house
he was remodeling. This was even more elegant
than the ones we had in our funerary display.
Jean Swanson donated about a dozen
pieces of Black memorabilia ranging from a Gold
Dust Twins card to 1930 wooden circus toys and
on to 2 Weird Harold, (Bill Cosby) cups. Totally
unrelated, was a 1939 AFof L Solidarity pin and a
beautiful Czechoslovakian Madonna figurine.
Finally there were pieces of Cracker Jack
memorabilia like sunglasses, flashlight, a watch
Missoula Historical Museum at Fort
Missoula donated about 15 agriculture items that
no longer fit their mission. We were grateful to
receive these items, most of which do not need
restoration. These include a corn sheller, 2
walking plows, potato planter, etc.
Many more nice donations have recently
come in and will be featured in our winter
newsletter. Be watching for it!
Dave Erickson: McCormick Separator donated
in memory of Axel Erickson;
Phyllis Fulkerson: Political buttons, postcard,
mirror and kitchen miscellany including a recipe
booklet using Montana Beet Sugar. Gil s Dad
used to raise sugar beets for the Amalgamated
Sugar Company in Missoula.
James O Connell donated a Purple heart and a
Bronze Star earned by his uncle, Chaplain John
F. Hanley in WW II. Hanley served with Patton s
army in Africa;
Kathy Knudson: Custom made hiking boots
made for Daniel Henning;
Maureen Wiltrout: 1892 Mohland co. Horse
powered stump puller;
Bill Reynolds: WW I trench dagger and wild
cow skull;
Arlene Hern Erickson donated Leavitt 1895
dehorner, Ceretana flour sack, tractor-mounted
crop duster/sprayer. Arlene and Gil s fathers had
actually jointly bought this in the early 50 s;
Jens Gran: cast iron bed and useable scrap
Howard Hudson: misc lumber, 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x8s
etc, flight manuals and training aids, and Girl
Scout Barrette, tiny Bible (1x1x 1/2), a folding
undertaker s table, household items, Boy Scout
knife, Harley Davidson sofa blanket, lamps,
books, etc.
Welcome Mel & Betty Humphrey
and Andrew Jo nes as new family
members who at press tim e just
joined as Friends of MOAM.
Postage Paid
Polson, MT
Permit #89
Miracle of America Museum
36094 Memory Lane
Polson, MT 59860
Leave something for posterity
We meet unanimous approval when speaking with other
museum friends regarding the suggestion that folks
consider donating from 1% to 5% of their estate to the
Miracle of America Museum Endowment Fund. An
endowment remains intact, providing funds from the
interest it generates. If enough folks choose this sort of
gifting, it would help insure that our collection and displays
will be preserved for posterity to enjoy.
If you agree, please consider discussing this with
your estate planner or lawyer.