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Executive Board of Directors
Gil Mangels, President
Cathleen Wilde, VP; Ned Wilde, Treas.
Nancy Pray, Secretary
Gracia Normandeau Jones
Kendall Dupuis Mike Maddy
Stan Cohen Art Mangels Annette Schiele
Advisory Board of Directors
Jim Pomajevich
Dedicated to the memories of
Joanne, to my posterity . . .
and yours . . . with sincere
thanks and admiration to my
ancestors . . . and yours, for
giving us American Pie.
By now most of you have
heard that Joanne, my wife,
companion and helpmate for
47 years passed away
August 4, 2012.
The good news is that she is no longer in pain.
The really "Good News" is that she had the Gospel
of Jesus Christ in her heart and in her life.
While at times she felt married to the museum
reception desk, she enjoyed meeting the public and
often chatted at length with visitors who needed to
rest and sit down for a while.
Many exhibits have her magic touch. Several
of her personal items and heirlooms are still
enjoyed by museum viewers. One favorite is her
1800's harp which our granddaughter Desire'
played like an angel at the memorial service.
We were often asked by young folks about the
longevity of our marriage. Among the points we
offered to build a happy and long marriage were
commitment and a shared sense of humor that
wasn't at the other's expense.
Those who have preceded me in losing a loved
one know that at times the loneliness is depressing.
And some of you have caught yourselves as I have,
wanting to ask your spouse a question, or share
events of the day. I am okay. Everyone, at some
time in their life, will in some way or another
experience a great loss. I have included many in my
prayers and appreciate you including me in yours.
Please see page 2
Dedication to our beloved Joanne
A few have wondered about the future of the museum-
Our work is not yet finished!!
Many of you know that most of our interpretive
displays are designed to teach and remind us of the
good things about America. Our artifacts stress that
"freedom is dependent on responsibility."
Socialism, like a malignant cancer, continues to
infect our nation. History has shown that socialism
fails and can easily turn into a dictatorship.
A portion of our displays explain the kinds of
government and the importance of returning to the
U.S. Constitution, and the balanced form of govern-
ment our founders envisioned.
So if you're considering giving a portion of your
estate to cancer research which has received billions
of dollars, and still not cured it - much of it going to
administrative costs - why not think of the Miracle
of America Museum? In its battle to preserve
America, is fighting the cancer that can enslave your
and my posterity. The Miracle of America Museum
wastes nothing on administrative costs.
Howard Hudson-
1950 snake bite
kit, NOS (new old
stock) shoelaces
and other stock
items for the
hardware store and
shoe shop, and
Harley literature.
(Pictured here)
Susan Henning
(married to my
cousin Pete
Mangels) Photos and memorabilia from her
parents cherry orchards ("Dick A Ree")
Norma Ryan
- WWII helmet and uniform with
rifleman's badge.
Probably the furthest hand delivered items
were from 90 year old
Bill (Earl) Moore
drove up from California to bring us a nice 1906
Winchester 22 caliber rifle, several early
motorcycling photos and military items.
An unusual donation by
Camden Wall
really stretched the memory file was a limited
edition print done by
his mother Marcellite
Garner Wall
of Minnie Mouse
(pictured at right)
She was an artist for Disney from 1929-1941 and
was also the voice of Minnie in the early movies.
Perhaps you've noticed that the Paul Bunyan
has received some much needed paint. Some repair
beams were donated by
Dupuis Lumber
Dick Schieke
is involved with the deck
and railing repairs.
Gary Guest
brought another load of Cameras
and beautiful photos of Glacier Park and Flathead
Lake that his dad had taken, as well as a few
Hileman Native American photos. We're waiting for
a contractor to begin work on a lean-to building that
will house the
wooden wheel
wagons. This will
make room in the
print shop building
for the new array
of cameras for the
photo shop. A
$1,000 Capital
Grant from
will help
with the new
The two
cameras pictured
on page 3 were
donated by
Chuck Tremblay
of Post Falls, ID
along with 1911 and 1924 photos of Polson.
Polson, Montana
Newsletter layout courtesy of
Carmine Mowbray of
David and Brenda Bosley
Jack and Alowee Briggs
Joseph and Cheryl Collins
Paul Fugleberg
Berry Gerrity
Bill and Jeannette Gregg
John and Babe Hellyer
Greg Hertz
Charles and Penny Jarecki
Kathryn Johnson
Bob Bushnell and Olga Lincoln
Ed and Anna Lonnevick
Charles Mangels
Peter and Susan Mangels
Arvid Mostad
Carmine Mowbray
Tyke and Mary Parsons
Bert and Grace Poloson
Art Robinson
Janet Rogers
L.H. and A.J. Sagers
Darold and Doré Schaffer
Ron and Annette Schiele
René Silverthorne
Michael and Janna Taylor
Memorials continue to arrive.
Humphrey Law
Moody's Market, Inc.
Pomajevich Properties
Beautiful floral
arrangements for the
memorial came from:
George and Brenda Brimhall,
CMWS Team, Feightner Family,
Glacier Bank
Les Schwab
Thank you all for your kind remembrance of Joanne -
Almost $3000 was donated in Joanne's memory to the museum endowment fund.
We will do our best to remember everyone here:
Arlen Wisseman
donated an air-powered saw for
cutting mine timbers. An outside compressor provided
air through a long hose to run the saw as you wouldn't
want the exhaust fumes and sparks from a
conventional chain saw in the mine shaft. It was last
used in the mid 1960's at the Orphan Uranium Mine in
Grand Canyon, AZ.
Dr. Paul Hanson
is cleaning up his parents'
property on Finley Point and brought several loads of
neat and useful items including scrap iron for recycle
and some destined for sculpture. Probably my favorite
item is the 1937 Rotoette rotor tiller
(pictured below)
Please be a friend
Do you think your contribution would be only a
drop in the bucket? That's what oceans are made of!
Thank you for your support - every drop of it.
your contribution is tax deductible.
K20 Aerial 4X5 camera and a K-8 Keystone 8mm.
When the Sandpiper Gallery called
for "Horsin Around" art, Gil took them
literally. Here are two "horse In A
Round" sculptures. See if you can
identify the threshing machine parts,
wagon wheel rims, snowmobile muffler,
bicycle sprocket, rattail rasp, wood
augers, ball bearings, wheel wrench
ends, military fence posts and a large
spring. Gil creates these whimsical
sculptures as "Spoof Mfg.", a division
of Mangels Machine and Welding and
they are available for sale.
"Horsin' Around" sculptures on display at Sandpiper Gallery
We salute our
Sustaining Members
Jim and Debbie Christian
Jim and Barb Sohm
Family Members
Mary Arden
Ruth and Lyle Baxter Family
Melvin Humphrey
W. Earl and Florence Moore
Steve Noe
Darold and Doré Schaffer
Carl Skabronski
Gordon and Donna Terry
Easton Weingart
Pat Wooldbridge Family
Live History Days Help Appreciated
Thanks to all who helped make our live
history days a success by serving food, operating
equipment and demonstrating their talents.
Donations of food came from
Rod's Harvest Foods, Safeway
Super One
Hunt's Timbers
donated logs for demonstration
and these were picked up by our sawmill operator
Larry Eslick
Miscellaneous Cash Donations
Bruce and Linda Johnston, Polson Rotary
Club, Joseph T. Jones of Kentucky; Susan
Haack Aders and Joseph Woznicki
In spite of the difficult economy and partially
because of it, our Endowment fund needs to be
enlarged. Only the interest income is used each
year and the banks are presently not paying
much. The board is again asking that you please
consider donating the museum 1% to 5% of your
estate to the Miracle of America Museum
endowment fund. If enough folks choose this sort
of gifting it would help insure continued
preservation of our collections and displays for
your posterity to enjoy. If you agree, please
consider discussing this with your estate planner
or lawyer.
Thank you very much for your support
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