Museum Displays Diversity

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from the Paul Bunyan, a 65 ft. logging tow used on Flathead Lake, listed in the National Register, formerly used by the Somers Lumber Company which was owned by the Great Northern Railroad, to a bird point arrowhead.”

Diversity of cultures, diversity of opinions from the moonshine stills to prohibition memorabilia, or just plain diversity of exhibits from
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The MIRACLE OF AMERICA MUSEUM has something for you.

Over 340,000 objects displayed and their very diversity make this museum unique. Many visitors call it “The Smithsonian of the West” because of the many and varied exhibits. 

Where is this great place?


The Miracle of America Museum is two miles south of Polson, Montana  just ¾ mile south of the U.S. 93 and Montana HWY 35 junction. If you're coming in on U.S. 93 from the south, we are the very next exit from the right lane after your first panoramic view of beautiful Flathead Lake.

The convenient frontage road, appropriately called "Memory Lane" is motor home with towage friendly with pull through parking.  See drive through on Home Page aerial.  


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Cars from a 1914 Brass Radiator Ford Model T, through a myriad of other vehicles to the mint 1937 Hudson Terraplane, capture the hearts of many transportation buffs.






More than 70 motorcycles from a restored 1912 Harley to a 1965 “Trike” and three large showcases of cycle memorabilia are of special interest to others.





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Bicycles include an 1875 wooden “bone shaker,” an 1890’s ladies’ tricycle, a tandem bicycle with its rubber tires glued to the wooden wheels and a fancy 1950’s model sporting nearly every gadget available.

Fire trucks, dump trucks, pickups, horse drawn buggies and wagons, race cars, helicopters, an 1880’s vintage hearse, amusement park train and a large automobile display building.  There is a Steam RR switching engine and an A7D Corsair jet attack bomber.


Have we captured your interest yet?

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Perhaps you’d enjoy an original oil painting by Merle Olsen, a pastel drawing of a pow-wow dancer by Pina Jo Miller, small bird sculptures by Ace Powell, or a spectacular wood carving by the late deaf-mute John Clarke, called “Cutapuis – The Man Who Talks Not” by the Blackfeet. His carvings appear in galleries world-wide.



Original Art By Montana Born Shorty Shope Impressed Charley Russell
This Artwork Was Commissioned By Montana Highway Commission As Use For Cover Art For Montana Maps. 1934-47

Artistically executed, but definitely not “Fine Art” in the usual sense is a delicate picture made of rattlesnake bones and rattles and another of crocheted human hair vintage 1889. In quilts, beadwork, even the varied styling of dozens of cast iron tractor seats, our ancestors created beauty in functional objects.

            In the yard behind the main museum building lie over 40 buildings.

Founder Gil Mangels has created numerous sculptures that can be found in various locations around the grounds. There visitors can view the Montana State Fiddlers Hall of Fame, walk through an old-time general store stocked with antique merchandise, attend an original 1912 one-room school, see The Jack Welch Saddle and Harness repair shop, and tour a two story barn filled with agricultural implements and one of Montana’s largest barbed wire displays.

Some sculptures are even for sale to benefit the operation of the Museum.
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Another building is full of old wooden boats, like Marcus Daly III’s sporty Garwood runabout the Third Bird, marine engines, and fishing display.

Logging memorabilia brings alive visions of by gone years. The barber shop, sewing shop and appliance shop are overflowing with appropriate vintage artifacts.

The 1500 sq. ft. operational Blacksmith shop and machine shop is looking for a full time, part time, or “drop in” smith to demonstrate this reviving art using museum equipment.

There’s a trapper’s cabin full of traps and pelts and a Land Office full of survey equipment, old maps and early views of the area.





The Law Enforcement display and a small Fire Hall pay tribute to these public servants. 



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Veterans will appreciate the extensive military display which includes over 30 vehicles, a large collection of home-front posters and memorabilia from several wars. Gil Mangels, Founder and CEO says, “The tribute to veterans isn’t to glorify war, but to recognize the veterans of all wars and to help each of us remember the sacrifices they made to preserve our freedoms." Be sure to see the memorable display of Pearl Harbor memorabilia from USS Arizona.

This 501-C-3 non-profit museum welcomes your tax deductible donations of any kind for operations, to help improve the displays and through the Endowment
to preserve the museum for future generations.

If you want to arrange a special tour, or if we haven’t answered all your questions, just give us a call at 406-883-6804.