Always the 3rd weekend in July 

The Museum is open normal hours from 9am to 5pm daily.
 Exhibitors are active from 10-4 daily.
Volunteers are always welcome.

Preparations for the next year’s event begins immediately after each year’s event.

Gil and staff and volunteers begin Repairing, Restoring, Tweaking, Building, And Improving in a constant effort to make your first and subsequent visits memorable

With a kid and family friendly atmosphere always in mind, expect to find many photo opportunities. Pretend driving a "dragster" race car, or have your photo taken with a minion.

A favorite for many kids is to sit in a real jet fighter and have their picture taken. Speaking of flying, nearby is a real carnival/circus ride, a 1948 Fly-O-Plane which we operate. We could use help in the loading and unloading of first time or even frequent flyers. Because of liability concerns, we don't lift the planes high in the air, but all the squeals of delight and smiles prove the joy of riding in such a historic and rare contrivance.

We are always looking for volunteers to exhibit or help in manning or assisting with various exhibits. Time marches on and losses from deaths or moves always leave gaps to be filled.  An appreciative and interactive audience makes the exhibitor feel that their service is appreciated.

This year we hope to have a gas powered Maytag wringer washing machine in operation and perhaps you could share your grandmothers harrowing experience with those hair and appendage grabbing beasts.  A portable gas engine display is also promised.

Close by is our barber shop and if you would be willing to cut some hair for 4 bits, we could use you. To aid in this annual museum fund raiser, most shorn customers leave a generous tip. Further on down the line at the medical building, we might need a nurse to take your blood pressure.

Please contact Gil early on in the year about operating equipment like the sawmill or assisting attendees to navigate the grounds, buildings, or something else you are passionate about.

Perhaps you like reading to children and our school marms could use a break to grab some food or ice cream treats at the fountain ,or observe arrowheads being made the old way, or watch a custom made piece you ordered from our glass blower or blacksmith.

If your kiddies like to play dress up in their grandmothers clothes, bring them and be a part of the festivities. Playground supervisors and someone to explain the hydraulics of the schoolhouse pump is another.

Veterans might like to supervise the firing of our 106 recoilless rifle mounted on a Vietnam era "Mule" although we shoot tennis balls using compressed air instead of live ammo.

A few steps away is a vintage flywheel engine powered can crusher which definitely needs adult supervision. Whether it be music, spinning, carving or something historic we hadn't thought of yet, you could be an important link to keeping history alive.

And don't forget the rides from trains, motorcycle sidecar, tractor or military rigs, another area we could use help in.

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