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Big Boy’s Tonka Toys
This 1956 White 3000 COE towing a 1940’s 4 car transport is a show stopper and a pleasant reminder of the sturdy metal toys of yesteryear.

1941 Indian 4 cylinder motorcycle
This bike is one of over 50 restored and original motorcycles and 3,000 pieces of cycling memorabilia.


Head to Head
1926 Model T Ford boat-tail racer and 1917 Harley Davidson flat track racer were built/restored by Museum founder Gil Mangels.
Dawn Patrol
2 of several Vietnam War vehicles include this M106A2 Tracked Mortar Carrier, securing the perimeter fence at dawn around the 1971 Corsair A7D Jet Attack Bomber complete with it’s auxiliary fuel drop tanks and a full bomb and missile (deactivated) load.
50 page booklet $10 post paid
Sculpture booklet $8.00 post paid
Silver Coin and Patch
One ounce silver $42.00 each post paid
Sew on patch. $4.00 post paid
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